The management method of Seal

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The management method of Seal
1, Seals, the blockade of the custody, distribution, recovery work, set up a ledger and full-time management personnel.
2, Seals used in a variety of different types of cans cover, boxes, and other related metering devices and special circumstances, special locations sealed.
3, The lead-seal users must be led to the proper custody of seals, shall not be free to lend, transfer, copy forgery.
4. Loading personnel fill in the number and number of seals on the spot according to the actual situation.
5, Monthly statistics, the month will use the number of seals, scrap quantity, the collection of old seals.
6, The use of the process will lead to damage, need to reissue, must be damaged the seal to keep the old for new. The damaged seal number is well documented.
Use of seals
Use of seals
(1), Sealed personnel have no right to seal the normal vehicle can be sealed.
(2), All motorists, must not change the lead-seal, if found inside the exception, it is necessary to seal the site, and signed by the customer recognition. At the same time reporting to the operators, the operation of a dedicated confirmation
(3), The driver is limited to the scene of the car can be sealed.
(4), other personnel such as work needs to be unsealed, should inform the customer to seal and seal.
(5) When sealing the device, the seal must be clearly visible on the mark and number.
Application field of blockade
Products are widely used in railways, ports, aviation, posts and telecommunications, electricity, oil, logistics, express, various models of containers, tankers and other cargo transport industries. Schfon, lock once completed, with security, anti-theft, security, insurance and other special functions.