Tamper evident containers seals

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Update time : 2018-03-06 16:28:05
A tamper seal is single use only. Once installed, it cannot be reused. The seal is easy to break if needed: simply turn the pull pin in place until the seal breaks. The tamper seal is extremely difficult to break by pulling it straight.
Fire Extinguisher anti tamper seals are an essential component to keep your fire extinguishers safe and in good working order. Commonly know as extinguisher tags, the seal fits through the safety pin and around the handles, once the seal has been broken it cannot be re-sealed.This provides a very clear indication as to whether the extinguisher has been tampered with.Fire extinguisher tamper seals let inspectors of a fire extinguisher know when it’s been tampered with. A broken or missing seal identifies an issue.

plastic seal
Tamper seals may also be used on other types of equipment: first aid kits, toolboxes or any other equipment that must be regularly inspected. Tamper seals help save time during routine checks: if the tamper seal is still present, then the equipment has obviously not been used.
All competitive products :high security bolt seals, cable seals,tamper seal,the evident indicative padlock seals, metal seals, truck seal,meter seals and plastic seals are completely controlled under ISO9001 quality control system. The main products of high security bolt seals and cable seals are strictly complying with ISO/PAS 17712 standard, even some of bolt seals and cable seals were exceeding the “high security” level in pull tension strength.