What should Earth Day do?

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Update time : 2018-04-20 10:33:22
1.On April 22, Earth Day is a day of vegetarian food. (Animal husbandry consumes large amounts of grains and beans, but also consumes a lot of precious water; in order to grazing cattle and raising pigs, the original forest is sacrificed, causing a greenhouse effect.)
2. Use second-hand furniture (whether to buy a house, rent a house, or make use of second-hand furniture, which can be reused and reused, and save resources. If you can hold regular flea market exchanges in offices, communities, and networks, it is environmentally friendly. Help each other to increase friendship among people).

Earth Day
3. Use planting and greening to do home layout (home do not do excessive decoration arrangements should be simple, natural principles. home layout does not necessarily need artificial materials, may wish to use more ecological natural materials. A variety of flowers and pots, As far as possible, local trees are used, and there are natural soils in the courtyard and less cement or hard paving.
4. Use utensils to hold water, wash fruits and vegetables, dishes, brush your teeth, and wash your face to save precious water.
5. The power and air-conditioning in the room are used in a centralized manner (try to create a cold air in one room, and concentrate on the office when the number of people is low, and reduce the use of air-conditioning and electric lights).
6. Go out and walk, cycle, use the mass transit system, drive less and ride a motor vehicle.
In the face of the deteriorating global ecological environment, each of us is obliged to act and use our own actions to protect our homeland.