The advantages of meter seal products

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Update time : 2018-04-25 13:30:34
The advantages of meter seal products
1.The meter seals we produce have good anti-smashing function, compact structure, and excellent materials. After sealing, the sealing line and the sealing body are integrated structures, which cannot be restored after destruction.
2.After sealing, the sealing line is not easily pulled out without damaging the sealing body, and the tensile strength is ≥150N.
3.Polycarbonate plastics, high temperature compression, with high hardness, toughness, transparency and clear advantages, lead-free, no pollution, is a most economical environmental protection products.

meter seal
4.Tightening type, easy to install
5.The security seals we produce are firm, temperature-resistant, easy-locking, anti-corrosion performance, environmental protection, clear identification number, easy to use, and inexpensive .
6.The meter seals we produce could print with trademark code, laser typing and arrangement sequence number according to customer’s requirements, improved the management and convenient to use.
7. We produce meter seals with good anti-theft performance, easy to seal, can be numbered, printed logo.
8.The company has advanced production equipment, many years of production experience, excellent craftsmanship. Product details are not afraid of amplification, our products can stand the test.