Disadvantages and reform of seals

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Update time : 2018-04-13 09:38:03
Seal as a one-time lock cannot be opened after it has been sealed, unless it is violently damaged or cut, and it cannot be reused. The earliest electric meter was sealed by a lead block, and it was sealed by pressing a pliers.
1.Seals can be purchased at the hardware store, not unique, unable to prevent forgery. Seal does not have self-locking function,the pressing is difficult to detect and it is easily opened.
2.The seal is a stranded copper wire, the hardness can not meet the requirements. If the seal is oxidatively broken, it is difficult to distinguish between man-made damage or natural aging.
In order to solve the problems of early seals, plastic seals were introduced. There is a digital code on the cover of the plastic seal, and the sealing wire is a steel wire spiral, with enough hardness and a lock function. The structure of the plastic shell guarantees uniqueness and cannot be restored once it is opened. However, the seals are also easily pressed against the teeth to draw out the seal line, and the uniqueness of the seal management requires a strict registration and registration workflow. For the seal customization, purchase, distribution, sealing, inspection, closure and other procedures can not achieve full informationization of seal management.