Grain Rain National Customs

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Sacrifice the sea: During the rainy season, the sea water warms up, and the hundreds of fishes to shallow seas are a good day for fishing in the sea. As the saying goes: “Ride on the rain on the grid.” In order to be able to go safely to the sea and return to full capacity, the fishermen are to hold a sea offering on the day of the rain and pray for the god of the sea to be blessed. Therefore, the festival of the valley is also known as the "strengthening festival" for fishermen to go fishing. At the time of the old seaside, the village had a sea temple or a goddess temple. When the festival was over, the fishermen carried the offerings to the temple to offer sacrifices, while others took the offerings to the sea, beat the drums, set off firecrackers, and worship the sea. The scene is very grand.
Grain Rain
Going out of the valley: In ancient times, there was a custom of “walking through the valley”. On the day of the rain, young women and relatives from the valley went to the village and some of them came back to the wild and walked around. Implication and natural integration, physical fitness.
The ancestors of the ancestral worship ancestral temple: Since the Han dynasty, there has been the practice of worshiping the ancestral priests and ancestors in Gushui, Baishui County, Shaanxi. Legend has it that Cangwu created the words and made contributions to the world. The Yellow Emperor was moved by it and used the words “Going down the Valley of the Valley” as a reward for his creation of characters. From then on, he had a “Gu Yu” festival. Since then, every year on the Valley Festival, nearby villagers have to organize temple fairs to commemorate their positions.