How to determine the double standard of high security seal?

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Update time : 2018-05-02 09:35:24
High security seals are seals that have undergone special processing. The high security seals are pasted around various luxury goods, such as picks. In order to protect your rights and interests in the use of high security seals, high security seals are the only basis for processing all kinds of luxury goods return procedures.
High security seals
How to determine the double standards of high security seals:
1. The high security seal has a safety thread for gear embossing at the paste location. When the security thread is manually torn, the attached paper will have warped or different area damage. Therefore, any damage or unevenness of the stickers at the security line will not be accepted.
2. after a special process made of high brittle materials seals paste interface, any artificial tear will be damaged. Therefore, there are any defects or cracks in the seal paste interface, and the return of goods will not be accepted.